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With the CMS of Wordpress and other blog systems, increasingly bloated. The emergence of static blog system to a certain extent, solve this problem, and thus get a lot of personal bloggers of all ages. So, what are static blog program in the end it?

These static blog generator are based on Bash, C/C++, C# and Perl, Clojure, Common Lisp, Dropbox and other preparation.

A definitive list of tools for generating static websites.

1. Table of Contents

1.1 .NET

1.2 Awk

1.3 Bash

1.4 C++

1.5 C Sharp

1.6 C and Perl

1.7 Clojure

1.8 Common Lisp

1.9 Dropbox

1.10 Elixir

1.11 Erlang

1.12 Go

1.13 Groovy

1.14 Haskell

1.15 Java

1.16 Language Agnostic

1.17 Lua

1.18 Nimrod

1.19 Node.js

1.20 OCaml

1.21 PHP

1.22 Python

1.23 Racket

1.24 Ruby

1.25 Scala

1.26 Scheme

1.27 Shell

1.28 Tcl

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